How Bail Bonds Work

How Bonds Work

How Bail Bonds Work During arrest and booking, bail is set for a defendant charged with a DUI/DWI or other crime.  Bail is money promised to the court to release a defendant from jail while awaiting trial.  The amount of bail set by the court is an amount deemed sufficient to insure the appearance of the defendant at trial.

If the defendant does not have enough cash to cover the bail set by the court, he or she may contact a bail bondsman to post bond. Bondsmen charge defendants a fee equal to a portion of the bail amount. The bondsman post bail securing the defendant’s release. Once bond has been posted, the defendant is required to show up for his or her court date.

How to apply for an Occupational Driver’s License

Most people arrested for DWI in Texas will have to deal with the possibility of their driver’s license being suspended.  All is not lost.  If your driver’s license is suspended you may still be allowed to drive if you get an occupational drivers license (ODL).  To get an ODL you need to file an application with the County Clerk’s Office and go to court to get a judge to sign an order granting your request for an ODL.  Other requirements include obtaining SR-22 Insurance and probably the installation of an ignition interlock device.  In Galveston County, the County Clerk provides a Form for the petition and order along with instructions.   ODL Application and Order

For a more detailed discussion of the process and Texas law related to Occupational Driver’s Licenses see the following article by Texas Law Help. Texas Law Help-Occupational Drivers License

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ACS Forensic Scientist Designation

Galveston DWI Lawyer

Forensic Chromatography Course for lawyers

Attorney Mark J. Kelly is proud to announce that he has earned the ACS Forensic Lawyer-Scientist Designation as recognized by the Chemistry and Law Division of the American Chemical Society.  ACS has approved a shorthand where the person who has earned the honor can say that he or she has earned “The ACS-CHAL Forensic Lawyer-Scientist” designation.

The ACS-CHAL Forensic Lawyer-Scientist is one who uses validated and legitimate science for the benefit of justice. These are lawyers who study the science and apply it legitimately in the courtroom. They expose invalid or non-validated science and use valid science in the courtroom. They eschew the smoke and mirrors techniques of old and embrace the science for the benefit of all.

ACS-CHAL Forensic Lawyer-Scientist Mark J. Kelly